Friday, March 7, 2008

Crochet Purse - Purple & Green Suede

I made this purse sometime in January and just made up the pattern as I went along.  I took some notes, but now since it has been awhile, I don't if I could write up the pattern easily.  I would have to make it again.  I would still like to line the purse but will have to wait until my sewing machine is repaired.  It can still be used without a lining as there are no holes for items to fall out of.  I used Lion Brand Jiffy green suede yarn and purple suede yarn.  The purse measures a little over 12" wide at the base, 7" across the top, and 8-1/2" tall.  Most of the purse was made in single crochet.  I really like the gold button used from my stash on the flap.  I added a purchased strap from JoAnns.......though I much prefer to buy old purses from Salvation Army, Value Village, etc as you can get real leather straps for a reasonable price.

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Carrie said...

I really like this pattern. I love to make all kinds of crocheted purses! I usually just make up my own pattern. I like to see if it turns out. Anyway, thanks for the blog. You should check out the site that I have and the book on purses. It's the only set of patterns I have, but they are really good!